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Fertility Essentials Virtual Program

5-Weeks to Optimize Your Fertility Health

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Fertility Essentials Virtual Program

Whether you’ve been trying to grow your family, are waiting for your fertility treatment to start, or are confused about what to do first, Fertility Essentials can give you those answers. Our 5-week virtual program provides you with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies to improve your chances of conception, reduce complications, and have a healthy pregnancy (and baby).

How lifestyle affects fertility

The egg and sperm take approximately 100 days to mature, so everything that you do during that time is extremely important.

  • Research shows that preconception diets can increase pregnancy rates by up to 40% and improve embryo development during IVF treatments.
  • If you are overweight, the ACOG notes that losing 5% to 7% of body weight (or 10 to 20 pounds) can improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Do you want answers?

  • What is preconception care?
  • How to use an ovulation prediction kit (OPK)
  • What signs to look for to know the best time for intercourse
  • Are you eating the right diet? What foods should you be avoiding
  • What’s a safe level of caffeine?
  • What supplements should you be taking and what to avoid
  • What types of exercise should you avoid

Your Virtual Preconception Toolkit

To help you REMOVE THE CONFUSION about what to do when trying to conceive.
Each week includes ACTIONABLE RESOURCES to help you know the proper:
Fertility specific diet
Essential supplements
Lifestyle strategies
Biomarkers and Tools


What to Expect During the Program

By the end of the program, you will have built your own personal preconception program that includes dietary, nutritional, lifestyle and key action items to give you confidence that the efforts you are taking will help to improve your fertility.
Here is what you can expect over the course of the 5-weeks.


Week 1 - Preconception Care

  • Learn how to track your cycle, use an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) and notice signs so you’re timing intercourse properly to maximize fertilization
  • Understand what preconception care is and why it is important for your health (and baby)

Week 2 - Fertility Specific Diet Guidelines

  • Know what foods to avoid while you’re prepping for pregnancy
  • Learn evidence-based dietary guidelines, best for fertility (includes dietary plan)
  • Effective strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for fertility (timing of meals, tips to reduce snacking)

Week 3 - Key Nutrients to Improve Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Know the nutrients essential during preconception that improve egg quality, ovulation, chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy
  • What forms of supplements to take to improve absorption and effectiveness
  • What supplements to avoid before and after you conceive

Week 4 - Lifestyle Support (Stress and Exercise)

  • Learn effective stress management tools to improve quality of life while trying to conceive or while going through fertility treatments
  • How to create healthy long-term habits to implement right away
  • What types of exercise and how much is ideal while trying to conceive

Week 5 - Microbiome and Fertility

  • Learn how to improve and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome to reduce infections and ensure proper implantation
  • Final steps to build your personal preconception program

Meet Dr. Murphy, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Robyn Murphy is a naturopathic doctor at Conceive Health with expertise in preconception and reproductive health. With a strong background in research, she is constantly staying at the forefront of evidence to bring the most effective treatment strategies to her patients.

Dr. Murphy uses a holistic approach to address underlying causes that impact fertility, including hormone, immune, digestive, neuroendocrine, and metabolic imbalances. She is thrilled to be offering the Fertility Essentials group program to help future parents build their families.

Common Questions About Fertility Essentials

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our 5-week virtual program. 

Who is this class for?
  • For those trying to conceive or on the waitlist to start fertility treatments
  • For those planning to conceive in the next 3-6 months
  • The program can be especially helpful if you have any of the following symptoms or conditions: delayed time to conception, infertility, PCOS, insulin resistance, diabetes, are over or underweight, irregular cycles, hormone imbalances, low thyroid function.
Can I attend anonymously?
  • Of course. While the group setting can be an opportunity to find support among those going through similar experiences, classes are attended virtually with an option to turn your video on or off and include your initials if you prefer your privacy.
What if I miss a live class?
  • All classes are recorded. Links to the recordings are provided on a secure platform to watch at your convenience.
Are couples able to join?
  • Couples are encouraged to join the class together.
Is it covered by extended health plans?
  • Naturopathic visits are covered under some extended health insurance plans under complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) or “other practitioners”.

  • You will be charged for each class separately and provided a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Check with your provider to see eligibility. 

  • Note* classes will only be eligible for reimbursement for residents of Ontario, Canada.

Can I ask questions?
  • After you sign up for the group you are encouraged to send an email with questions. Dr. Murphy will do her best to answer them during each class and during the Q&A at the end of each session.

Note: Payment is due in full upon registration. Weekly receipts are provided after each class to submit for insurance purposes for Ontario residences. 

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