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Preconception Healthcare in Toronto

Our signature preconception program supports intended parents who are experiencing fertility challenges, as well as those who simply want to ensure a healthier pregnancy (and baby!). We work alongside IVF clinics and reproductive specialists while aiming to achieve the least invasive — but most effective — path to conception.

What is It?

Preconception Healthcare is exactly what it sounds like: taking care of your health before pregnancy. And it’s not just for the moms-to-be — it means getting both parents healthy to help produce strong sperm and eggs while creating a nurturing uterine environment for baby to grow.

Preconception healthcare helps to treat the root cause of fertility issues, can reduce the risk of miscarriage or complications during pregnancy, and improve fertility treatment outcomes.


Why Do You Need It?

The benefits of preconception healthcare are life-long. More people today are facing conception challenges for a range of reasons — but infertility is only the tip of the iceberg. The same concerns which lead to increased rates of infertility, also lead to chronic health problems in our children, and the adults they become. The beginning of a child’s life is of profound importance in determining their future health — preconception healthcare not only helps to boost your fertility, but also gives your baby a healthier head start.

When to Start Preconception Healthcare

A preconception plan is ideally a minimum of four months, but it is never too late to start. The instant that egg and sperm combine, a blueprint is formed for the future development of the baby. The quality of the egg and sperm reflects the environment in which they grow. Since eggs take approx 100 days to mature, and sperm takes up to 116 days to generate, the health of both parents during those days before conception is extremely important.

At Conceive Health, our ultimate goal is to help you reach yours a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The Benefits of Preconception Healthcare

Whether you’re undergoing fertility treatment or are just beginning to think about growing your family, research shows there are many benefits to preconception healthcare. As always, please consult your physician or qualified healthcare professional before beginning any health and nutrition program.

Benefits for Intended Parents
  • Increased chance of healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby
  • A successful alternative to assisted reproductive technology (ART) for many fertility problems
  • A gentle, natural and safe way to improve your health and energy
  • Helpful for older parents or those with undiagnosed fertility problems
  • Gain an understanding of your fertility, your body and your health
Benefits for Older Parents
  • Preconception healthcare can provide protection against age-related subfertility, miscarriage and fetal defect
  • Mitochondrial support can reverse age-related effects on eggs and sperm (by increasing cellular energy)
  • Hormonal support can naturally improve estrogen and progesterone levels, lower FSH, increase ovarian activity, normalize ovulation and support implantation.
  • Reduces the risks of increased toxic exposure and nutrient deficiencies that may be associated with a longer life
  • Identification and correction of nutritional status can improve reproductive health, and lower the risk of chromosomal abnormalities
  • Improves fertility by addressing hormonal imbalances, digestive concerns, allergies, stress, blood sugar imbalances, autoimmune conditions, etc.
Benefits with Advanced Reproductive Technology
  • Preconception healthcare has been found to drastically improve success rates of IVF treatment
  • Helps to avoid the increased miscarriage and health risks to mother and baby that may occur with IVF treatment
Benefits for Pregnancy
  • Reduced risk of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth
  • Decreased occurrence of pregnancy-related complaints (like morning sickness) or pregnancy complications (ie. gestational diabetes)
  • Increased chance of natural, unmedicated birth
  • Decreased risk of postpartum anxiety and depression
  • A large proportion of fertility problems respond well to natural medicine — resulting in natural conceptions
Benefits for Baby and Child
  • Increased chance of a happy, healthy baby
  • Reduced risk of congenital malformations (ie. birth defects)
  • Increased chance of problem-free breastfeeding and closer bonding
  • Less likely to suffer from various health and learning problems as a child
  • Intended parents gain an understanding about healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits for a growing family

What People Are Saying …

“There is evidence that adequate nutrition and vitamin supplements are valuable to increase good pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing fertility treatments. Folic acid and vitamin D are known to contribute to healthy outcomes and, especially in the growing population of women over age 35 who are trying to conceive, we believe that mitochondrial nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 and PQQ may increase conception and live birth rates.”

Dr. Robert F. Casper, MD, FRCSC, REI

Scientific Director and Founding Partner, TRIO Fertility

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