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About Conceive Health

Led by natural fertility experts Dr. Tracy Malone ND and Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald ND, the team at Conceive Health addresses the underlying causes of infertility and subfertility to improve treatment success.

Our board-certified naturopathic doctors are experts in natural fertility medicine and work hand-in-hand with your medical team to ensure that you have full-circle support before, during and after IVF, IUI or related treatments. We are more than fertility experts — we are your medical translators, advocates, and coaches all wrapped in one.

Improve Your Fertility Future

Conceive Health is one of the only Naturopathic clinics in Canada situated within a full-service fertility centre. Our unique, integrative clinical model ensures transparency and effective communication with your reproductive endocrinology team. We access your files and treatment plans directly from your healthcare providers — so you don’t have to worry about the added work of relaying information or repeating multiple tests. This collaborative approach helps us improve clinical success rates, reduce potential complications, and ensure healthier pregnancies.

Planning for Fertility Success

At Conceive Health, we believe that taking the right steps to boost your health prior to undergoing fertility treatment can make a big difference — especially in the critical 100 days before conception. During this time, the egg and sperm are susceptible to your lifestyle habits, nutritional status and environment. The instant the egg and sperm meet, a blueprint is formed for the future development of the baby.

Your health dictates your fertility. That’s why we focus on providing preconception care through diet and lifestyle modification, nutraceutical support, fertility acupuncture treatments and more. Together, we help you change your fertility future — beginning with a healthier sperm and egg.


Our Specialties

What sets us apart from other naturopathic practices is that we focus solely on the treatment of infertility and subfertility — we live and breathe reproductive health, each and every day. Some of the specialties and conditions we treat at Conceive Health include:


Thyroid Disorders




IVF Preparation




Insulin Resistance


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


IVF/IUI Support




Natural Fertility Support

The Path to Better Fertility

You want to feel confident in your fertility treatment plan — whether you are new to IVF treatment, IUI procedure, or have been through a cycle before, we can help. At Conceive Health, we listen, understand and empower you to be an active participant in your fertility treatment program. Together, we look at all aspects of your health so that no stone is left unturned on the journey to growing your family.

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