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Preconception & Fertility Services in Ontario

Whether you are thinking about starting a family, undergoing fertility treatments, or have just seen the “+” on your pregnancy test — there is one factor that can make all the difference: your health.

From the 100 days before conception until the moment baby is born, your nutrition, hormones,  lifestyle, and environment have a big impact on the following factors:


The viability of the egg and sperm


Overall chances of conceiving


Fertility treatment outcomes


Side effects during fertility treatment


Complications during pregnancy


The health of your future baby

Conceive Health’s programs and services are designed to help you nurture the building blocks for conception. Wherever you are in your fertility journey, we’re here to help.

Our Preconception Fertility Services

At Conceive Health, we focus on improving your egg and/or sperm quality prior to conception — so that you can increase your chances of conceiving. Designed for both men and women, your preconception roadmap starts with a thorough case assessment, full health history, body composition analysis, lab testing and a dietary review.

100 Days Before Conception

Taking steps to boost your health before you undergo fertility treatment can make a big difference — especially in the 100 days before conception. We work collaboratively with you and your medical team to ensure your body (and the invaluable sperm and egg) has the support it needs before, during and after IUI or IVF treatment. Your personalized preconception plan may include:



An individualized treatment plan to help the success of your fertility treatments


Comprehensive lab and hormone testing


Examination and monitoring of bloodwork and ultrasounds


Environmental exposure education and assessment


Stress reduction techniques to reduce anxiety


Fertility-specific nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan to support stimulation, blood flow, etc.


Nutraceuticals for egg and/or sperm quality support


Pre and post IUI or IVF treatment acupuncture to encourage implantation as well as reduce stress related to treatment


And more ...

Support for Your Fertility Treatment

We bridge the gap between holistic and medical care to help you experience better fertility treatment results, fewer complications, and a healthier pregnancy. Below are some of the therapies that we use in our preconception program:

Lab Analysis & Testing

We ensure that you have the relevant lab tests to support your fertility journey — and will help you understand the results. That’s why we partner with some of the most innovative laboratories in North America to provide high-quality testing to our patients.



Nutraceuticals can provide many medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of nutrient deficiencies. Our product recommendations have superior standards for scientific research, quality of ingredients, and demonstrated effectiveness in the area of fertility management.

Hormone Balancing

Hormones control every aspect of your metabolism and are the springboard to optimal health. Even minor imbalances can lead to fertility challenges. At Conceive Health, we help you optimize all the hormones you need to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

Pre/Post IVF or IUI Acupuncture

If you are undergoing fertility treatments, you want to encourage a successful outcome. Acupuncture given pre and post IVF transfer has been shown to increase clinical success rates. It also lowers stress levels, enhances response to hormonal therapy, and promotes blood flow to the uterus to support implantation.


Naturopathic Medicine

Using the principles of naturopathy, we treat the root cause of infertility or subfertility. Whether you plan to conceive naturally or require assisted reproductive technologies (ART), we focus on correcting deficiencies, balancing hormones, and improving male factor fertility to improve the chance of having a healthy full-term pregnancy.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition can have a dramatic impact on your mental, physical and hormonal health — not to mention your fertility.

Beginning with a body composition analysis, and a detailed review of your current nutrition, we develop meal plans and dietary recommendations specific to your medical needs.

Our Post Conception Program

Our post conception program is designed to create the best environment for your baby to grow, reduce complications and support a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Your personalized post conception plan may include: prenatal nutrition coaching, acupuncture for symptomatic support, lifestyle counselling to minimize complications (ie. gestational diabetes), pregnancy-safe supplements, and other support for a healthy pregnancy.

What People are Saying …

“Conceive Health adds a second dimension of assessment and treatment which is both effective and complementary with our standard Reproductive Endocrinology techniques.
 Dr’s Malone and Fitzgerald are knowledgeable, approachable, and scientifically-based”
Dr. Ken Cadesky, MD, FRCSC

Medical Director & Founding Partner, TRIO Fertility

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