Undergoing fertility treatment can be stressful — especially when you hear your embryos didn’t “make it to day 5.” But what does that mean, and why did it happen? And is there anything you can do to prevent it or improve your odds? Dr. Yash, ND at Conceive Health, explains. 

Why is Day 5 Optimal for Embryos from IVF

We all know that eggs and sperm have to meet up for a baby to be made. Those 2 cells come together and must do some DNA dividing to make a baby (in the early stages we call that baby an “embryo”).

When it comes to IVF, we help that egg and sperm meet up and we watch those 2 cells blossom into 8-10 cells (called a Day 3 embryo) then eventually 100s of cells (called a Day 5 embryo). Since the chances of getting pregnant are higher with a Day 5 embryo, it is like winning a gold medal during the Olympics for every embryo that makes it to Day 5. 

Why Didn’t my Embryos Make it? 

When few embryos move past Day 3, it is heartbreaking and can be tough to figure out the reason. The biggest reason those little embryos take a breather and stop growing comes back to both the quality of the eggs and the sperm. You need good fuel packs (the mitochondria) in the sperm and eggs to provide the energy needed for the intense DNA division needed to move from 2 cells to 100s of cells or a Day 5 embryo. 

What Can I Do About it? 

Sperm needs good calcium stores to light the match to get that DNA multiplication rocket going and take that embryo from 2 cells to 100s of cells or a Day 5 embryo. If you have gone through IVF and you have had your heart broken by having only a few or not even 1 Day 5 embryo, then it’s worth speaking to a Naturopathic Doctor for ways to boost the number of embryos that make it to Day 5. Contact us today with questions or book your appointment online. 

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