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Chemicals (EDCs) and Hormone Issues

Hosted by naturopath and author Katherine Maslen. In this episode we explore the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in our environment. These man-made chemicals are rife throughout our environment and we need to be conscious of reducing our exposures.

Good Bacteria and Your Fertility

Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND explains everything you need to know about how "good" bacteria impacts your fertility and what you can do to support it.

Miscarriage and Fertility – Dr. Kathryn Yash

Our Dr. Yash, ND was on Instagram Live to discuss the avenues to consider if you have suffered a miscarriage. She answered questions about hormones, bloodwork to check, testing, prevention, and how a Fertility Naturopath can help patients who are struggling with carrying to term.

Carbs, Insulin & Fertility

Are carbs good or bad when you're trying to conceive? What about male fertility and insulin resistance? Our Dr. Camille Krause went live on Instagram to answer your questions.

How Your Microbiome Affects Your Fertility

Chances are you’ve been hearing all about the “gut microbiome” — the collection of bacteria within the digestive track, which is known to affect our immunity, nutrient absorption and production, […]

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