Any woman/couple who has experienced miscarriage knows how devastating they can be. When recurrent miscarriages are experienced, it can leave women feeling very helpless about their fertility, and lead to fear and anxiety during subsequent pregnancy. Although in many cases the cause of miscarriage is unknown, pregnancy outcomes can be positively influenced by creating optimal health in both parents prior to conception.

Epigenetics is an exciting new area of research which shows that maternal nutrition during preconception, pregnancy and lactation can actually prevent genetic defect. A small molecule called a methyl group attaches to a gene at a specific point and changes the way the gene is expressed. These methyl groups are entirely diet derived. This means that by using dietary modifications and specific nutrient supplementation, we can reduce the chance of miscarriage due to a genetic defect.

Often overlooked is the importance of the male’s health during preconception and conception. As many as half of miscarriages are the healthy eating fertility result of the health/morphology of sperm. Sperm health is influenced by many factors including age, toxic exposure, stress, lifestyle factors, and most importantly, nutrition.

The effects of diet and nutrient supplementation on miscarriage risk is considerable. The importance of folic acid has become widely accepted, however, there are many nutrients that need to be considered including iron, zinc, iodine, B vitamins and calcium.

Many of our patients are desperate for answers following a miscarriage. Participating in preconception healthcare can give couples the comfort and confidence that they are doing everything in their power to achieve a positive pregnancy outcome. Find out more about our preconception services here. 

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